The atmosphere of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is declared mainland with extremes of temperatures. Emulating is the depiction of its temperature and precipitation in somewhat more detail. 
Because of its great mainland area (Islamabad is found more than 1000 miles from Arabian Sea), the city gets extremely hot in summer and can be truly cool in winter. The most sweltering month records 90 F while the coolest month is at 50 F - scope of 40 F! Amid the crest of summer the temperature can move to 117 F (47 C), while amid a frosty spell it can plunge to 25 F (-4 C ). These are however amazing figures and the temperature of Islamabad is for the most part somewhat better than rest of the fields of the nation because of its closeness to mountains. Murree, a most loved slope station of Pakistani individuals having a stature of 7,500 feet is placed just 30 miles (50 km) from Islamabad. In this way the hot spells are not as persevering as on the fields of the nation and are every now and again broken around rainstorm which cut down the temperature briefly. 
The winters are drawn out as contrasted with other plain stations of Pakistan - again because of proximity to slopes. Indeed in mid -March when the high surpasses 90 F the low stays underneath 50 F because of the attack of cool air from the mountains. 
Because of its ideal latitudinal position and closeness to the slopes, Islamabad gets apparent downpour both in winter and summer months. Actually there are just four months of the year which get short of what 2 inches of precipitation and these are October, November, December and May. The mid year downpour is basically because of rainstorm and is especially substantial. It is normal to get as much as 6 inches in 24 hours amid a wet spell. 
The downpour of winter is however light to direct and is the consequence of western unsettling influence - a downpour bearing framework that has its cause in Mediterranean Sea. All the winter months aside from December get more than 2 inches of precipitation. After the downpours, the climate gets to be clear, sunny and extremely icy.
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